The Most Enjoyable Classes at Youfit Dania Beach

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A fan favorite YouGX class at Youfit Dania Beach, Cardio Kickboxing helps improve your strength, heart health, speed, flexibility, and coordination. This high-energy class consists of cardio and martial arts movements that will burn calories and help you get lean and toned!  

Make sure you wear athletic clothing so you can jab, kick, and uppercut to the groove of the best music around.  

Total Sculpt  

Total Sculpt is another popular YouGX class at Youfit Dania Beach that combines sculpting and compound conditioning practices. By combining these conditioning practices, you will burn calories and get toned from head to toe! Total Sculpt is a full-body workout that will both motivate you and excite you every class, and everyone is welcome. Not only will this group exercise class fire up your metabolism but it will also prevent the development of osteoporosis. This means you’ll not only going to look younger, but you’ll also feel younger too. Get your body sculpted today at the best gym in Dania Beach!  


Maybe you’re looking for something more slow-paced and stretching-orientated rather than a fast-paced fitness class. Well for all you yogis out there, consider Youfit Dania Beach’ Yoga class! Extend and strengthen your physique while you engage your mind through poses rooted in decades of tradition. Yoga offers full-body adjustments guaranteed to upgrade your essentialness and feeling of prosperity while also improving adaptability, quality, and balance. During this group exercise class, you’ll not only achieve a center of gravity but peace of mind! This time is for you, so bring your towel and water and be ready to stretch, strength, and smile with us tonight.  


Get lost riding to the rhythm of ground-breaking music and take on the terrain through hills, flats, mountain peaks, time trials, and interval training. Experience a YouCycle+ class where there is never a dull moment! With Youfit’s specialized cycling class, you won’t just be using your legs, but your entire body. Make sure you wear fitted athletic pants and tennis shoes and along with a positive attitude to get the most out of your workout! Make sure you don’t forget your towel and water bottle either!  

Fit Body Circuit  

Fit Body Circuit is a fun, creative approach to group fitness that will be sure to leave you feeling stronger! At Youfit Dania Beach, join our motivational instructor with a room set up with various exercise stations that will work out all your different muscle groups. Like every other YouGX group fitness class, be sure to wear athletic and comfortable clothes that are fitted for weight-bearing exercises. Your cardio endurance and strength will be tested in this an all-around, total body workout!   By working out in a YouGX class, you’ll not only get a good sweat, but you’ll also meet and connect with other gym members and our skilled instructors. Come enjoy the most enjoyable and inviting gym in Dania Beach! Conveniently located off Sterling Rd and Bryan Rd, east of I-95, at Dania Pointe, speak to a representative today about signing up for an affordable membership or call us today at (954) 357-3627 about getting a 48-hour trial pass!